It’s very difficult to get your child excited about reading, but with a Sling Bookshelf that task just got a whole lot easier. This bookshelf is  a very inventive way to get your child engaged during story time.  It can also add to the decor of your child’s room by adding vibrant colors or by utilizing tone colors with a white sling bookshelf.

There are many benefits of a sling bookshelf for kids over a normal kids bookcase.  A normal book case uses the standard left to right stacking with the spine of the book facing outward.  This makes it very difficult for a child to get a visual of the book.  Kids learn and interact with pictures.  With a sling bookshelf the book is hanging inside the sling with the book facing outward.  This gives the kids a opportunity to see what the book is about by seeing the cover.

Along with the visual benefits of a sling bookshelf, you have the durability factor.  Sling bookshelves are make with fabric and can be washed very easily.  With a standard bookcase you have to remove all the books and then dust or wipe down each of the shelves.  Wood book cases have a tendency to bow and warp over the years.  The soft canvas of the sling bookshelf will also preserve the books and not damage them as quick as a standard bookshelf.

Safety also plays a major role in kids furniture. This is where you will love a sling book shelf over a standard kids bookcase.  The sling bookshelf has no sharp edges, where a standard case does.  With the standard shelf you will have to worry about your kids climbing up and down on it where a sling bookshelf is virtually impossible to climb.

My favorite benefit is the storage factor.  You can buy sling bookshelf with bins.  These bins are located at the bottom or side by side with the slings.  The bins can be used to stow toys and any other of your kids possessions. Of course if your kid already has storage bins in there room a standard bookshelf will suffice.  If you don’t like the open bins Kidcraft makes a sling bookshelf with drawers that is really nice and is very clean looking.  It does not expose any toys when the drawers are closed.  Another added benefit on storage is you will be able to hold larger books on a sling bookshelf as opposed to a standard bookshelf where you limited to the space provided between shelves.

The standard sling bookshelf is roughly 24x24x28 inches and weighs approximately 16 pounds making it very compact of a book case.  As mentioned before rather than shelves you have slings that hold the books.  Varying in size you can go from 4-7 slings depending on what size will go best in your child’s room and how many books you are wanting to hold.  4-5 slings can hold upwards of 30-45 books, again depending on the size of the books.  Average cost for sling bookshelf will range from $40-$80 and can be assembled in a matter of minutes. If shopping online be sure to buy a sling bookshelf with free shipping as this will help with lowering the overall cost of the bookshelf.